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Kink and Polyamory Aware Chicago Therapists group supports knowledge and connection

By Essie Shachar-Hill, LCSW and Cindy Trawinski, Psy.D

On a warm summer evening in 2014, over forty clinicians gathered at a networking event for therapists of kinky and polyamorous clients in Chicago. As the late day sun streamed in, the group mingled over drinks and appetizers in the office of LifeWorks Psychotherapy Center, the host for the evening. There was a feeling of excitement, warmth, and connection.

Adria Kurchina-Tyson (They/them)

Speaking with Adria Kurchina-Tyson

In our July 2023 workshop, “In Decolonizing Kink,” Adria Kurchina-Tyson discusses the structural, colonial nature of compulsory vanilla relationships/sexuality and demonstrate the “coloniality” of kink-phobia, reviewing the fundamental differences between Indigenous frameworks of desire/relation and those of the settler state. Adria shared some additional thoughts with us for this inverview.

Sculpture of Justice

The “Rough Sex” Defense: New Developments for Consent and the Law

By Susan Wright, NCSF Spokesperson

Content warning: this piece includes the mention of violence, sexual assault, and police misconduct. 

Until recently, there was no legal definition of affirmative consent for adults who use force or restraint during erotic power exchange and roleplay. Instead, U.S. case law has found, based on moral objections, that consent is not a defense to assault—even for mild, non-injurious kink activities. 

A Rainbow is Not Enough: The Whiteness of BDSM

Alexandra GoldOct 11, 2020 Reflecting on the Whiteness of BDSM In a 2020 academic study, the “Overwhelming Whiteness of BDSM: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Racialization in BDSM”, Kat Martinez, Associate Professor at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, explores “the relationship between what researchers have described as inclusive BDSM communities that continue to naturalize

Love’s not Color Blind: Polyamorous People #4: “When I Show Up at These All-White Events and I Feel Uncomfortable, I’m Not Quiet.”

Kevin A. Patterson, M.ED.February 22, 2017 It started when I brought my girlfriend and her friend to this West Indian festival in Toronto. I made some jokes about young sexually active people partying and drinking, but I didn’t think it meant anything. It ended up meaning everything. Next thing you know, the three of us are rolling around together back

reflected landscape shown upside down, challenging our perceptions

The Intersection of Kink, Healing & Disability

Our May KPACT presenter, carrie sarah kaufman, shared with us a poem she wrote on the intersection of kink, healing and disability. Ihave been so conditioned to give care if i want to receive it.  Tobetray myself to meet my needs.Disabled,i have heardIam a burden in every relationship. WheelchairMommy with chronic pain Iknow the power in my vulnerabilityIknow the wisdom