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Sex Work is Work

Often referred to as “the world’s oldest profession,” sex work has been a controversial and misunderstood trade throughout human history. Sex workers face various forms of discrimination and life-threatening danger, compounded by the fact that many types of sex work remain criminalized in many countries. Without laws protecting their well-being, sex workers can become the victims of violence, abuse, hate crimes, and trafficking.

Supporting sex workers starts with embracing the reality in which these individuals live. We must be willing to question our assumptions, let go of our judgments, and learn the facts about sex work. Read more in our blog, Sex Work 101.

Sex worker rights are human rights, protest
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Support Group

Sex Worker Support Group

This online Zoom group is for current and retired *sex workers who are over 18 only. We share stories, support one another, problem solve and experience a safer space to express and explore needs. The space is sex positive, sex worker positive and also has space for people with any range of experiences within the industry.

Read more about the Sex Worker Support Group.

* Our definition of sex work includes phone sex, escorting, camming, sugaring, stripping, professional fetish/BDSM, other erotic labor.

Sex Worker Support: Reading, Resources, and Advocacy

We are proud to uplift our friends and colleagues who support and advocate for sex workers. Below are a few articles for clinicians about working with current/former sex workers, as well as links to external advocacy and support organizations.

For Clinicians

Recent articles

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