KPACT Provider Directory Membership

Who can be listed on the KPACT Provider Directory?

Any helping professional who is knowledgeable and affirming of kinky and polyamorous clients can be listed on the KPACT provider directory (member / membership). This includes professionals who support clients’ physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, sexual, relational, and occupational health and wellness. Members must be accredited and (if applicable) licensed practitioners. 

Subscription, renewal, and cancellation

On registration, new members of the KPACT Provider Directory will be charged the annual member fee of $25. This membership fee will renew annually. Members will not receive an email notification ahead of renewal.

You may contact our support team to cancel your membership. If cancelled within 30 days of automatic renewal, you will not be charged for renewal. Once cancelled, you will receive a confirmation of cancellation and your profile will be deactivated. There is a 7-day grace period before we delete your profile in case your cancellation is in error or you change your mind. After 7-days if you wish to renew you will need to create a new profile and account. 

Please review the Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.

Creating and updating your Provider Directory Listing

Once you being your membership subscription, you will be given a link to create your KPACT Provider Directory listing profile. This is form which will create both a user account and your listing profile page.

Please don’t submit multiple forms. If you encounter a form error, request technical support.

Tips for a great profile

  • Fill in as much information as you can. You will be able to choose your industry; based on that choice additional options for Populations Served, Patient Approach, and more will be visible as checkbox selections. These selections are displayed on your member profile listing and used the the search tool to “find a provider”.
  • Include a headshot. Having a professional profile image is a good way to present an approachable profile. JPG is recommended, HEIC formats are not accepted.
  • Include a short bio. Tell people about yourself: what is your approach, how do your work with patients/clients, what are your specialties?
How to add a profile image with a description.

We recommend that you use the JPG file format for all headshots. HEIC file format is not accepted. Images should be about 500 pixels on its longest side and no more than 72 dpi. You can compress your images using the free, online Squoosh app from Chrome.

Screenshot of directory listing form requesting an image and description.

In addition, you should create a short description of your headshot. This short description is used as the alternative text, or “alt text”, for the image. If you do not add a description a default “Headshot of Your Name” will be used. Alt text helps visually impaired people understand what the image shows and is displayed if the image fails to load.

Displaying your Business Name and/or your Full Name on your profile.

There are three fields used to identify your profile. Examples follow.

  1. Your Name – Your name is displayed on your profile whether or not you use a business name.
  2. Provider Listing TitleThis is the Page Title for your listing. You can choose for this to be your name or a business name. We recommend that you just use your full name here if you are an employee of an organization. If you are a single-owner LLC and a sole-proprietor, a business name could be used instead.
  3. Business Name – The business name is part of your address and the only part of this information that we display on the site. This is a supplemental name – good for providers who are employed or associated with a larger organization.
The Provider Listing Title field
The Provider Listing Title field. This field will create your profile title.
If you work for an organization, you can add that business name in the Business Address section. ONLY the Business Name will be publicly displayed.
Logging in to your account, editing your profile.

Once your profile is published you will be able to edit it. You will login to the KPACT website using the information provided by email (it will come from, check your spam or contact us if you don’t see it). After you login, you will see the “My Account” page.

Click on the “Edit Directory Listing” link to go to your listing. On your page, when you are logged in, you will see an “Edit Profile” button. This button allows you to open the form which generates your page content and make any changes that are needed.

My Account page
“My Account” page – this is your member dashboard.
How to change your password.

From “My Account,” you can click on “Edit Account Login”. This will take you to a short form to update your email address, name, and change your password.

Account Details – “Edit Account Login”

Reporting errors

Please contact our technical support team via our contact form.

KPACT Event Programming

KPACT Presenters

I want to present at a future KPACT event!

We would love to hear from you! Email introducing yourself. Please include your proposed topic and, if available, a recording of you presenting in the past. 

Reporting an error or requesting a change

Please contact our technical support team via our contact form.

KPACT Event Registration Fees

Your registration fees help support our programming and pay our guest speaker fees. Supporter and above levels help to subsidize fees for students and people with less financial means. Each event offers the following ticket pricing options:

Supporter ($40)

If you think of yourself as someone who financially has “more than enough,” please consider registering as a Supporter!

Standard ($30)

Our “Standard” rate is $30 for the cost of an event, including CEs.

Student ($15)

Students may opt for our discounted Student rate of $15.

Pay what you can

Support at any level makes a difference. If you need (or want) to pay an amount other than the named levels — maybe that’s $5, or $50! – this option is for you.

Accommodation requests

Please send any accommodation requests to us at least one month prior to the event. Feel free to send requests closer to the event date, but please understand that we may not be able to fulfill requests with less than one month’s notice.  

Email your accommodation requests to us at:

Frequently Asked Questions

I registered but can’t attend.

All registrants will receive a recording of the event and a link to the CE survey via email on the following business day. Registrants have seven days in which to complete the CE survey if they wish to receive CEs. 

Where do KPACT registration fees go?
  • To compensate KPACT presenters, as well as fund the behind-the-scenes efforts that go into maintaining the KPACT community, we invite you to contribute monetarily for trainings and presentations. 
  • To ensure that these educational opportunities are as accessible as possible, we have created a sliding scale which, we hope, will allow everyone to contribute in a meaningful way. 
  • In order to keep costs down, CE fees are non-refundable unless otherwise stated.
How do continuing education credits work?

KPACT educational events offer continuing education units (CEs) in Illinois. CE fees are nonrefundable and are generally available to psychologists, social workers, counselors, and other licensed psychotherapy practitioners. KPACT courses are sponsored by LifeWorks Psychotherapy Center. LifeWorks maintains responsibility for KPACT programs and their content. In order to receive CEs, attendees must complete the survey distributed during the event within seven days of the event. 

Will there be a recording of the event?

Virtual KPACT events are generally recorded and recordings are made available to registrants after the event. 

Have questions or feedback? Please get in touch with us via our contact form.