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Kink and Polyamory Aware Chicago Therapists (KPACT) is an online community for therapists who honor and celebrate the boundless range of sexuality, eroticism, and relational configurations/styles in our clients.

Looking for a professional? Find a kink and/or polyamory affirming provider using our free KPACT Provider Directory.

What We Do

Professional Events, Workshops and Networking Opportunities

KPACT provides a community for clinicians to share ideas and discuss professional and ethical issues related to psychotherapy with kinky and polyamorous clients. We host professional presentations, networking, and dialogue events quarterly. We also sponsor a Provider Directory to connect clients to affirming professionals of all types.

KPACT has connected me with wonderful colleagues throughout Chicagoland who do important work at the intersections of sexual, gender, and relationship-style variance. I am grateful for this resource as well as the training and learning opportunities!

– Casey VanderStel, MA, EMDR (they/them & she/her), Clinical Therapist & GTWC Administrative Director

Over 25 CE-bearing education events with accessible, tiered registration provided.

Workshops attended by over 750 clinicians and mental health graduate students.

300+ professional members active in our online KPACT networking group.

For Providers

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KPACT Provider Directory

Professional listing in our KPACT Provider Directory is an annual subscription service. It supports professionals of all types by connecting them to clients seeking kink and polyamory affirming services. Membership is just $25 per year.

KPACT Google Group

Join our free, private, online networking group for kink and polyamory aware therapists. This online space is used to share and request relevant resources, network with like-minded clinicians, and seek referrals. The Google Group is for mental health providers and grad students only.

For Clients

Search for kink and polyamory affirming providers in our directory!

As part of our mission to increase access to kink- and polyamory-affirming services, KPACT has a Provider Directory where you can search for a variety of professional services free of charge.

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Educational Resources

Our educational resources section provides further resources for everyone, whether you are a professional KPACT Member or just looking to deepen your understanding on a specific topic.

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