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Introducing KPACT’s New Multi-Professional Directory

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You Asked, We Answered

For years, KPACT therapists have used the private Google group to find referrals to other kink- and polyamory-affirming mental health practitioners but also when looking for informed and aware doctors, lawyers, massage therapists, physical therapists and others who are kink- and polyamory-affirming.   

KPACT therapists have wanted a professional directory where they can be listed as explicitly welcoming providers and can find other professionals. So, that is what we created! 

Introducing: KPACT’s New Professional Directory

We are proud to announce that the KPACT Multi-Professional Directory is now live! Professionals from medical, mental health, legal, financial and religious/spiritual fields can now be listed in our search-optimized directory by creating a profile outlining their area of practice, expertise, services offered, and more. This directory can be accessed by potential clients looking for kink- and polyamory-affirming professionals as well.   

We welcome any credentialed professionals who provide kink and polyamory affirming services to join the directory, whether they are in the fields of mental health, physical health and wellness, legal and financial services, and religious/spiritual support. Multi-Directory membership costs $25 per year, and members can update their profile at any time. Create your profile now! 

Help Spread the Word

Help us build this important community resource so clients can find you by joining our KPACT Multi-Professional Directory today! And spread the word beyond mental health to help build this important and needed resource for each other and our clients!  

About Essie Shachar-Hill, LCSW

Essie Shachar-Hill is the Programs Manager at LifeWorks Psychotherapy and manages KPACT activities, membership, and events. As a therapist they work with teens and adults and they specialize in working with fellow trans people. Essie has over eight years of experience facilitating groups, ranging in focus from youth empowerment to grief and social support.

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