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Meeting Difference – Our Conflict With Contact

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by Cindy Trawinski, Psy.D. “Otherness, taken seriously, always invites transformation, calling us not only to new facts and theories and values but also to new ways of living our lives – and that is the most daunting threat of all.” Today, I came across this quote about the quintessential dilemma that difference and diversity pose, […]

Expanding the Boundaries: Polyamory and Non-traditional Family Forms

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by Rami Henrich, LCSW Last weekend, I attended the 35th Annual Meeting of AFTA (American Family Therapy Academy), in Chicago.  The conference, entitled “Coupling Today: Love, Parenting, Community,” included many excellent presentations and opportunities to learn from colleagues. I was pleased and surprised to find the topic of non-monogamy well-represented in the Saturday plenary, Monogamy & […]

Polyamory and Marginalization

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  by Rami Henrich, LCSW What is marginalization? Have I ever been marginalized?  And, how would I know if I had been? Do you often feel different from others?  Like you don’t quite fit in?  While some feelings of not fitting in may be related to your personal psychology, some of these feelings can come […]