Introduction to Surrogate Partner Therapy

Event Date: 10/13/2023

Location: via Zoom

Event Time: 6-8PM CT

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KPACT welcomes surrogate partner Rachel Yukimura who will be presenting on Surrogate Partner Therapy (SPT), a hands-on, somatic model of processing and healing issues of intimacy, sexuality, body image, relationships, and more. Rachel will provide an overview of the triadic model, determining client fit, and other important considerations of SPT.

Clients who come to therapy with concerns regarding sex, intimacy, and relationships often benefit from body-based learning.  Surrogate Partner Therapy utilizes a triadic model: client, talk therapist, and surrogate partner form a team, collaborating closely to reach the client’s goals.  The surrogate forms a relationship with the client, and leads them through a series of exercises that gradually cultivate emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy.  The client processes their experience of this relationship with their talk therapist.  Therapist and surrogate collaborate to tailor each session to the client’s needs, pacing, and progress.  Once the client has reached their goals, the team facilitates closure of the surrogate-client partnership, allowing the client to practice all the stages of a relationship lifecycle: beginning (getting to know each other and building trust), middle (increasing intimacy), and end (amicable breakup).

Attendees are eligible to receive 2 CEs upon completion of the post-session survey.


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Rachel Yuriko Yukimura has been a Surrogate Partner Therapy practitioner (IPSA-certified) since 2018 and a full-service sex worker since 2014.  She is also a certified Sexological Bodyworker and is studying to become a Somatic Sex Educator.  She is a teacher in Reclaiming, her nature-centered spiritual community, and an organizer of Pleasures of Beltane, a 5-day campout exploring sex and gender magic, ritual BDSM, and ecosexuality.  She lives on Lisjan Ohlone land (Oakland, California) with one of her partners, their two dogs, and a boa constrictor.



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