Why Do Sex Workers Need Your Support?

by Cindy Trawinski, Psy.D. and Cassandra Damm, MSW In a previous article, we introduced the topic of sex work, considered its history and politics, and explored some identifying attributes of the diverse population of individuals sometimes referred to as sex workers. In this article, we would like to offer a few guidelines about the many

Sex Work 101

by Cindy Trawinski & Cassandra Damm Why Talk about Sex Work? Often referred to as “the world’s oldest profession,” sex work has been a controversial and misunderstood trade throughout human history. Today, sex workers face various forms of discrimination and life-threatening danger, compounded by the fact that many types of sex work remain criminalized in

Your Best Friend Tells You They are Kinky

by Carrie Jameson, LCPC So, your best friend tells you they are kinky and/or they practice BDSM (Bondage and Discipline [BD], Dominance and Submission [Ds], Sadism and Masochism [SM]). Whether it is your best friend, a sibling, parent, or child,  you may want to be an ally, but simply don’t know what to do or

Cultural Competence & Bias

by Cindy Trawinski, Psy.D. As therapists, we recognize our ethical obligations to know and acknowledge the limits of our training and skills. We know that our expertise grows over time with experience and supervision, reading, dialogue and further training. These activities contribute to our mastery of specialized areas, methods or skills. But what about cultural

Beyond Ethics: Power in the Helping Relationship

by Julie Diamond, Ph.D. When I was working as a therapist, I often asked myself about the future of psychotherapy. I even wrote an article about it in 2000, called Five Predictions on the Future of Psychotherapy. In it, I said that the paternalistic doctor-patient model will be replaced by a partnership model. I wasn’t

How To Be A Polyam Ally

by Cindy Trawinski, Psy.D. This blog was inspired by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) blog How to Be a LGBTQ Ally.  I am grateful to HRC for their groundbreaking leadership in the fight for the rights of LGBT people in US and around the world.  To read the original HRC blog, click http://www.hrc.org/blog/entry/how-to-be-an-lgbt-ally For a

Welcome to KPACT.xyz

Welcome to KPACT.xyz! We are pleased to welcome you to the brand new Kink and Poly Aware Chicgo Therapists (KPACT) website. KPACT is for therapists and other helping professionals interested in learning how to work deeply and effectively with clients engaged in or exploring alternative expressions of their sexuality, erotic orientation, or relationships. We are

Power Dynamics Go Beyond Ethics

Most graduate programs mention the issue of a power difference between client and therapist as a potential ethical issue. But power dynamics go beyond ethics: power dynamics shape how we feel and perceive ourselves and each other. Power is subtle and impacts the psychotherapy relationship as well most relationships. Clients in kinky or polyam communities