The Truth about SESTA, FOSTA, and Sex Trafficking

The Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act and the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, known by their acronyms SESTA and FOFSTA respectively, earned support from Republicans and Democrats. On April 11, 2018 the bill was signed into law. Unfortunately, the impact of SESTA/FOSTA create an environment of increased vulnerability and danger for sex workers.

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The Importance of the Therapist’s Attachment Style

Santiago Delboy, MBA, LCSW, S-PSB, is a colleague and friend of KPACT, who brings insight and thoughtfulness to his work and collaboration. We are pleased to share some of his writing. This post appears in Santiago Delboy’s blog, which can be found here. I believe attachment theory provides a fundamental framework to understand the issues our clients bring to

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Maximizing Progress Toward Therapy Goals – Getting to the Gold!

by Fawna Stockwell, PhD, BCBA-D Fawna Stockwell is the Director of Research and Programs at Upswing Advocates, a Chicago nonprofit organization that provides sliding scale coaching, groups, trainings, and research opportunities that focus on the LGBTQIA community. Fawna is also the Associate Director of Research in the Applied Behavior Analysis department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s

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Polyphobia: Anti-Polyamorous Prejudice and Discrimination

by Elisabeth A. Sheff Ph.D., CASA, CSE Eli Sheff is considered a leading expert when it comes to polyamory and stigma. Eli is the CEO and Director of Legal Services at the Sheff Consulting Group, a think-tank of experts specializing in diverse subcultures and under-served populations. The following is an article she wrote for Psychology Today about polyphobia

Gender-Affirming Clinical Skills: Part 1

by Worner Leland, MS, BCBA, of Upswing Advocates Whether someone thinks a lot about their gender or has never given their gender identity much thought, everyone has a gender identity. Cisgender means: having a gender identity that matches the gender assigned to one at birth (from the Latin prefix “cis” meaning “on this side of”).

Challenges in Polyamorous Relationships: Agreements, Negotiations, and Contracts

This is the fifth in a series of articles about the intersections of polyamorous identities and psychotherapy, adapted from Rami Henrich and Cindy Trawinski’s article in Sexual and Relationship Therapy, “Social and therapeutic challenges facing polyamorous clients,” as well as supplemental materials that didn’t make it into the final research paper. In this installment, we