reflected landscape shown upside down, challenging our perceptions

The Intersection of Kink, Healing & Disability

Our May KPACT presenter, carrie sarah kaufman, shared with us a poem she wrote on the intersection of kink, healing and disability. Ihave been so conditioned to give care if i want to receive it.  Tobetray myself to meet my needs.Disabled,i have heardIam a burden in every relationship. WheelchairMommy with chronic pain Iknow the power in my vulnerabilityIknow the wisdom

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Working with People with Kink Interests Published!

Richard Sprott discusses the Kink Practice Guidelines Project and shares his best clinical practices. by Richard Sprott, Ph.D.For many years, therapists and counselors who worked closely with the BDSM/kink communities—on the front lines of helping people who are kink-identified or practicing BDSM—have often served in relative isolation. They have honed their clinical judgments and approaches, figuring

Local Poets Support NCSF Fundraiser

It was a rainy summer solstice for us here in Chicago, but we made the very best of it at Big Chicks in mid June. KPACT members, Lifeworks therapists, and a roster of queer poets gathered at Big Chicks to share art and raise some funds for the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom. We were

Four Imagined Early Deaths

Thanks to everyone who attended the June KPACT Kick Back where we collected funds for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF). NCSF is an organization whose primary aim is to raise awareness of sex positive and alternative relationships, and advocate for the rights of anyone in the BDSM, kink, and polyamorous communities. And what better

Therapeutic Issues in Kink & Consensual Non-Monogamy with Dr. Eli Sheff

Eli Sheff, PhD is a sociologist and researcher who has compiled the only longitudinal study on polyamorous relationships. For over 20 years, Dr. Sheff has followed, interviewed and published her findings about polyamorous families to gain and share perspective about what polyamory looks like, and how it affects people.  On July 6th, Dr. Sheff joined

The Truth about SESTA, FOSTA, and Sex Trafficking

The Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act and the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, known by their acronyms SESTA and FOFSTA respectively, earned support from Republicans and Democrats. On April 11, 2018 the bill was signed into law. Unfortunately, the impact of SESTA/FOSTA create an environment of increased vulnerability and danger for sex workers.

Sex Work 101

by Cindy Trawinski & Cassandra Damm Why Talk about Sex Work? Often referred to as “the world’s oldest profession,” sex work has been a controversial and misunderstood trade throughout human history. Today, sex workers face various forms of discrimination and life-threatening danger, compounded by the fact that many types of sex work remain criminalized in